Tea 105 – From Bush to Cup

This online course is designed to introduce the student to advanced cultivation and processing practices used in the production of tea.

Prerequisite: TEA 101

Note: Students are only permitted to enrol in 2 courses at the same time.

Topics explored include: Included in course registration:
Tea Production Process
Tea Type Production
Organic & Social Responsibility
Two live tutorials with instructor
Online learning platform – “Schoology”
Videos explaining cupping/tasting
Digital Course Book on learning platform

Length: Tea 105 is a six week course, with the suggestion that you designate approximately 3 hours each week to read, watch the video, complete the cupping and participate in online discussions. There will be a live tutorial held twice for you to participate in and ask questions.

Duration: 6 weeks
Dates: ┬áNovember 13 – December 18, 2017
Live Tutorial: November 20 & December 11 (11:30 – 12 EST & 6:30 – 7 EST)
Exam: ┬áBlind Cupping, Written exam (online), Live oral presentation (Skype) – December 18, 2017
Registration deadline: November 9, 2017

  • November 13, 2017 - December 18, 2017
    12:00 am