Academy of Tea

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the packaging of tea materials.

TAC Certified Tea Sommelier Program

This program contributes to the entire value chain of tea from producing countries to retailers.
Shabnam Weber, President, Tea and Herbal Association of Canada

The comprehensive tea sommelier course is the ideal and dynamic launching board for an exciting and successful career in the tea business world.
Desiree Boshoff Prins, TAC Certified Tea Sommelier

Graduates will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of tea and its history, processing methods and preparation.

  • Be able to interact easily with anyone on the subject of tea and make recommendations based on their needs in an approachable and easy manner.

  • Have the ability to design a comprehensive tea menu for retail or any food service environment.

  • Understand and apply the principles behind tea and food pairings.

  • Understand and articulate the tasting notes associated with different teas.




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