Mother’s Day Tea Gift DIY

May 1st, 2019

Is it May already?  Oh how time flies when you are having fun.  Since I am one of those people who truly believe all things ‘tea’ are fun, many of  the crafty or foodie things I like to do are tea-based. 

May, the month that typically ushers in better weather (hopefully), is also the month in which we recognize Mom.  A nice way to do this is with a little jar filled with someone’s favourite tea – adorned with sweet Mother’s Day wishes on the tabs.

While this is a quick and simple DIY, it is still a great way to honour how awesome your friends are rocking their own brand of ‘Mom-ness’- whether theirs are flesh, fur, feather, or fin babies.

For this DIY, I scout out my friends’ favourite teas, no matter if they are bagged or loose leaf.  Gotta be honest, pre-bagged teas makes this little craft go even faster.  However, I make sure I remember my friends’ loose leaf preferences also. 

Whether it is teas from former students, local purveyors, or larger importers on-line, I look for the best of the best – it just takes a little research, a lot of tasting, and some advance planning if I need to purchase online.  While the pre-bagged stuff is quick, the un-bleached loose leaf tea bags with string closures are my go-to for the loose leaf teas.

The materials I use are some pretty jars, bagged and loose-leaf teas, fillable bags, a glue sticky thing, and the Mother’s Day tea tabs I made – free for you to download and print!


Easy peasy. You can make these up in a pinch.  I also love to repurpose my Petit Pot yogurt jars…recycle, reduce, reuse right?

Last, knowing that I am one of the few people in my circle that use an actual teacup, most of my friends take their tea in a favourite mug; so I make my loose leaf bags a little heavier -usually around the 2.5 to 3 gram mark depending on the mug. 

And then it is as simple as cutting, folding, gluing the new tab onto the string or existing tab, and placing the bags in pretty jars. You may also top the filled jars with material, or if the jar is really pretty, just a little hemp. 

The final product is sure to make your favourite ‘Mom’ smile.  I mean, who doesn’t love a gift of tea? Post a photo on social media using the #academyoftea hashtag  – I love to see creativity in all of its forms.


All the best,