Happy 2019!

January 1st, 2019

Happy New Year Tea Lovers!

2018 brought tea to the forefront of my life in ways unimagined. While always being a source of calm, relaxation, and wellness for me, tea took on new meaning in my world this past year: in becoming the Program Director for the Academy of Tea.

And what an adventure that has been. If 2018 was my year to take on new explorations and steep (see what I did there?) myself in one of the most interesting learning curves of my life,  I believe 2019 will be the year in which I will be able to bring that education and passion to the world of tea, one student – one interested person – at a time.

This year, along with teaching the amazing courses being provided by the Academy of Tea, I plan to blog more, photograph more, ruminate on all things tea more, while enjoying my life more. For me, that little green tea leaf has always been a much larger part of my world. And I get the chance to share my enthusiasm for it on a global scale.

Some folks have their hobbies, and some have their careers, I am lucky to find my joy in both; the happy little tea leaf.

So on that note, off to brew a cup. To you and yours I wish a beautiful, safe, and healthy 2019.

~ Tina McDonald, Program Director

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